The endodontics practice includes the diagnostics, treatment, and prevention of diseases of the hard dental tissues, more popularly known as caries or non-carious teeth diseases.
Caries are a process that is limited to the structure of the enamel and dentin. When the process progresses in-depth and affects the pulp (the nerve, the vascular-nervous bundle, the living part of the tooth) it grows into pulpitis (the inflammatory process of the pulp), and when it advances, even more, the process can affect the bone surrounding the tooth, when we get periodontitis.
The treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis is the main task of endodontics. It consists of two main approaches.

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One is the mechanical treatment of the root canal system by means of special nickel-titanium endodontic files that aim to remove the infected tissue. For this purpose, the specialists at VM Dent use the latest model of endodontic motors (dentsplay), which allows us to work very precisely when processing the infection and the next step: the filling of the root canals.
The next stage of the treatment is connected to the irrigation (otherwise known as rinsing) of the root canals, which allows us to chemically treat the infection even in the most difficult places to reach the root system. All these stages of dental treatment are absolutely painless and are performed under the influence of local anesthesia.
The duration of the endodontic treatment depends on the person and is connected to the complexity of implementation and diagnosis. It usually takes one to three visits to finish the treatment in full.

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Yes, absolutely! The dental floss is an indispensable tool for cleaning the spaces between our teeth. It reaches spaces inaccessible to conventional oral hygiene means.

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